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We all are in the constant hassle of keeping our concentration high and our mind focused. In this daily struggle, the quality of our surrounding air strongly influences our ability to concentrate and to function effectively. For everyone being aware of the influence of carbon dioxide on concentration and health; and, for everyone who is simply curious about the air quality of his or her direct environment, we developed a new Raspberry Pi module enabling an accurate and exact measurement of carbon dioxide levels in- and outdoor, stationary and mobile.

Our printed circuit board allows users to integrate the highly accurate SCD30 – Sensor Module from Sensiron to any Raspberry Pi; our kit leaves users with nothing in-between them and an effective logging of CO2 emissions wherever and whenever they want.

We provide you with an easy-to-use and fun solution for your curiosity and health-awareness.

Get your Raspberry Pi sensor to measure CO2 levels and to identify and reduce CO2 emissions.

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