This is UnravelTEC

UnravelTEC is developing sensor solutions for home and office use.


Improving everyday life by unravelling the mysteries of our world with an easy-to-use technology is the goal of UnravelTEC.
A technology that allows to explain even complex correlations of physical parameters in a simple way with one multi-sensor concept – Henri.


As human beings, we have a large number of senses. However, our surroundings hold much information we simple cannot sense.
Imagine if you could smell dangerous gases like CO, see radiation like Wi-Fi or feel what the things you touch are made of. We would behave very differently and could profit from these, so far hidden realities.

Henri – hidden reality instrument – as it is in our Vision, enables you to see, hear, smell and detect everything you are not yet able to.

On the journey to something great

While developing Henri and realizing our vision, we’ve identified intermediate steps that serve as solutions for everyday use-cases.

Personal logger

In a world, with increasing levels of pollution, it becomes more and more relevant to record changes in our environment to ensure a safe lifestyle – tiny logger.


Our in-house development division uses a Raspberry Pi. While developing our products we noticed the lack of an extension board – a HAT for the Pi.
For this Pi(e) we developed our own topping. It matters much to us to include our community in our vision so we will share our Pi-Topping with the world.
… soooooooon
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CO2 Logger

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