Tiny Logger


  • CO2,
  • Particulate Matter (in the next edition),
  • Sound/Noise (in the next edition),
  • Temperature,
  • Relative Humidity
  • and more

in one single device and monitor your personal well-being with your own Tiny Logger.

Key features of the Tiny Logger are

  • small
  • mobile
  • long duration
  • quick information on your phone

The Tiny Logger can fit in the palm of your hand. With an additional battery pack, you can measure as long as you want to ensure a healthy environment.
Improve your conditions

  • at work
  • during meetings
  • in school
  • while sleeping
  • on your run

Simultaneously you can use the Tiny Logger (next edition) to evaluate the applause of pitches or presentations and rank them accordingly.


We’re finishing our first edition of the tiny logger very, very soon!
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