As human beings, we have a large number of senses. However, our surroundings hold much information we simply cannot sense.
Imagine if you could smell dangerous gases like CO, see radiation like Wi-Fi or feel what the things you touch are made of. We would behave very differently and could profit from these, so far hidden realities.

Henri – hidden reality instrument – enables you to see, hear, smell and detect everything you can’t.


“The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one”

This quote from the fictional character Will Mcavoy, “The Newsroom”, played by Jeff Daniels outlines the basis on which Henri is built quite well.
Many of the problems of today’s world emerge from areas where we, as humans, rely on aids to identify them.

Identifying and analysing these sources of problems allows Henri’s users to immediately engage in countermeasures or learn of ways to resolve them easily.
The evaluating algorithms have countless resources to their disposal to analyse situations and find the best solution for the problem at hand. These resources exist already but are spread around the web and hardly connected. Included resources can be large databases of similar parameters with statistical significance, countless open source projects or simply Wikipedia and Wikidata.

With these vast amounts of data, simple visualisation becomes difficult very fast. UnravelTEC aims to unravel these complex correlated connections and provide an easily understandable form – simple question – simple answer.
All this in the palm of your hand.


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